Natural Sweet Wine Muscat de Beaumes de Venise

The vineyard extends over centuries-old terraces, formerly mainly planted with olive trees. Today vines and olive trees harmoniously share the landscape.

The vineyards contain exclusively Muscat à petits grains noirs et blancs. Bunches of grapes are harvested by hand, and several harvests are made made at varying times depending on how ripe the fruit is. The grapes must have a sugar content of over 252g/L. Mutage, the addition of alcohol to the wine, must be performed with pure alcohol of at least 96%, when the musts contain 5% to 10% alcohol. The wines must contain at least 100g/L of sugar and feature at least 15% alcohol content.

The wines can range in color going from pale yellow to deep gold, tints accompanied by deep and brilliant tints. Aromas are powerful, rich and elegant; with hints of mango, lychees, peach, apricot, honey and flowers. The aromas complement the taste, which is well balanced with a long, rich, intense aromatic finish.

The freshness in the wine prevails over its sweetness. Perfect as an aperitif, Muscat de Beaumes de Venise also goes well with exotic fare, Japanese cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, foie gras, blue cheese, chocolate and fruit desserts… Rare and precious, Muscat red and rosé complete the range.

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