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The red Cru Beaumes-de-Venise presents elegant, full-bodied and fruity wines. On the nose, we discover aromas of red and black fruits with hints of spices. In the mouth, the wines are well structured, with silky tannins, peppery finish with an animal touch. The color of the Cru Beaumes-de-Venise is dark red, varying from cherry to purple. The ideal serving temperature for AOC Beaumes-de-Venise Rouge is 16 °.

Red Beaumes-de-Venise enhance the character of stews and other casseroles in sauce. They are also appreciated on braised or grilled pieces of beef, as well as on pigeon pastilla and game birds. They go harmoniously with Mediterranean cuisine, cheeses, fruit or chocolate desserts.


Muscats from Beaumes-de-Venise generally have a color varying from pale yellow to golden yellow, with a frank, sustained and brilliant color. On the nose, they are powerful, rich and elegant, with aromas of mango, lychee, peach, apricot, honey and flowers.

In the mouth, the Muscats are well balanced with a significant and sustained aromatic persistence. The sweetness of the wine is dominated by the freshness. These Muscats should be served very fresh at 8 °/10 °. They ideally accompany foie gras, blue cheese, chocolate desserts, frozen nougat and melons from Provence and are the ideal companion for exotic cuisine.

Some rich and complex Muscats from Beaumes-de-Venise are suitable for aging for many years.

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